Not the Best News, Not the Worst News

My heart and my art are about being honest, telling my stories and making sure they are rooted in truth, even if the stories themselves are pure Fabrications.

Here’s some harsh truth.
One morning this week I woke up and was having some trouble tasting things on the left side of my mouth. At the moment I chalked it up to the food I was having, but then:

As the day progressed the left side of my face became more and more numb, and when I woke up the next morning I found that it was completely paralyzed. I panicked for a moment or 10 and then got on the phone to try to get an appointment to see someone.

It turns out that I have contracted Bell’s palsy. It is a viral infection that is not permanent, but it may be 6 months before anything resembling normal. It is difficult to eat, it is very difficult to drink, and my speech is quite slurred. Also, the left half of my face is completely Frozen. Not the greatest thing in the world for performing artists.

I have medications to take, and by all accounts this is only temporary. I’m making this gently public, because I live my life in a spotlight … And maybe this part of my journey will be helpful to someone else.
Honestly, even though I am assured it won’t last forever, I’m somewhat terrified.

Anyway, that’s my news.

I hope there’s love where you are.


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3 responses to “Not the Best News, Not the Worst News

  1. Don’t know what to say (or to write)… feels bad man, but a quick research shows that this is a “only” a temporary effect (which you mentioned in your text).
    Thank you for sharing this to “the rest of the world” and be sure: You are not alone! Maybe your body is alone in this room, but all over the world you have family, friends and fans, who thinks about you. It might be strange, that random and unknown people think about you.
    I would like to send you something real (a letter or other good stuff from Germany 😉 ), so you have something in your hands and not this digital words and letters, but I don’t have an adress.

    In the end… you are not alone and people read this and thinks about you! And if you need help, reach out and ask for it. There are ways to help each other out, without being personal together.

    Have a wonderful time, wherever you are in the world!

  2. Sad to hear you have contracted this disease and i hope for a safe and quick recovery! you are my favorite magician and i hope to one day watch you preform one day!

  3. I commented on your You Tube video as well but I’ll repeat it here. I woke up Labor Day weekend with Bells Palsy… thought I had suffered a minor stroke. It’s six months later and while it was a bit rough for a while, I’m 98% recovered (and the remaining 2% is insignificant stuff). It was scary, and I had the benefit of being an IT geek and not an on-stage performer. You WILL get through this, you WILL make this work for you and you WILL be able to use this story in some great routine when it’s all done. We are both of the age to know the great comedian Buddy Hackett… he got Bells as a kid and never really recovered, his “act” of talking how he did was no act… and he made it work. You won’t need to go to that point, but lots of we are both in a group of fairly famous people who have also had this (mention it to Angelina Jolie the next time you see her… or Sly Stallone… or George Clooney). You are in my thoughts and my prayers, and I know that the Lord Almighty only sends us the challenges we need to make us stronger… as well as sends us the grace to get through the challenges. You are far too incredible of a performer… a magician… an inspiration… to let this get in your way. I look forward to seeing the progress and the creative ways you make use of this in your act.

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