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I had this idea. I couldn’t imagine how it might turn out, what the reactions would be. Would there be fallout? How might it affect my ‘career’?

Recently I was approached by another well meaning friend about how I could make more money doing what I do. This happens about once a week. Now … of course I need to provide and support my responsibilities and I am driven to help those in need … money helps with those needs, but it isn’t everything.

I perform because I have to perform. I walk in faith, I live in faith. Yes, I market and brand myself, but I’ve come to find that the act of just working … doing the best possible show I can present … provides rewards, both tangible and personal. Once I recognized that, my life became considerably easier and substantially more difficult. Contradiction? Welcome to showbiz.

I came up with this plan. A show. A show that could become legend. Featuring myself and two people I care about, both in person and in vision, and an idea I got from Amanda F. Palmer. The show must be ‘pay what you want’ and it must be presented in as personal and as intimate as possible. Sunday, September 21st at UpStage it all came together.

Avalon Rose opened with her recital/ unique rendition of “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. Whimsical yet powerful: Dreams and Dragonflies, Ambition and Failure. She says it like she means it … because she does.
Following this, 35 minutes of me … doing humor, soap boxing just a little ..earning my right to be heard. Following this was a 7 minute intermission. (Play Marillion’s “Man of a Thousand Faces”)

Megan Sky opened act two with a heartfelt speech on vision, acceptance and loving. All wrapped up in Art. I hope she develops this further, or even publishes. Believe me, it’s moving, surprising and incredible.
Following this was Hannibal’s “LIAR!” show. 45 minutes of storytelling comedy magic that digs deep into my soul.

And then … I dug deeper. At the end of “LIAR!” I announced there would be a third act following a five minute break. (Play Tom Waits’ “New Coat of Paint”)
When I returned … I spoke of the harsh things our brain like to tell us. How we’ve been negatively conditioned to see ourselves as less than normal … less than loved. I told of my two biggest hangups or fears: My body image and my fear of trust.
I am disgusted by what I see in the mirror. I am shamed by the way people look at me in public and unabashedly say hurtful things … this of course leads me to my lack of trust in others. I get panicky in crowds, just can’t handle it. In front of a large group? No problem. In among them? Anxious. Paralyzingly so.

I said I wanted to deal with my two big hangups at once, and perhaps help someone  with their own. “Think of something about yourself that you are ashamed of. Some burden you carry. Some evil your brain constantly whispers to you, causing you pain.” I said.
Then … I took off all my clothes. All but my skivvies (in order to remain legal in NC). I passed out markers and invited the audience to come up on stage and write on me. Their burdens, their thoughts … whatever. “If it hurts you, write it on me and leave it with me for a little while. I can’t take it away forever, but I give you permission to lay it down for a time.” I cued the song “Neverland” by Marillion, closed my eyes and raised my arms.

The results were moving, loving and empowering. I am still speechless to describe how beautiful the moment was.
The photographs below tell part of the story. The brilliance of Austin Caine caught my vision and brings it to you. Here.

From my vision through the eyes, lens and heart of Austin Caine … This is who I AM.


Click the link below to view the entire gallery. Feel free to share the images as you see fit.


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Man, the older my eyes get the more they see it.

I see beauty everywhere I look. I see Angels in concrete. Dancers in Dirt.

I see beauty in every person. Many make me struggle to see it, but I know it’s there, so I strive to not give up until I recognize it.

I see beauty in my work. I see my work transformed into art and even Art, because I lace it with the beauty I see around me.

I see beauty in you. Yes, you. In your kindness, in your selfishness. In your anger.

I see beauty, or maybe beauty seeks me out.

I see it everywhere except

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Living for the Dream

I’m waiting.

You asked me to wait and you are worth waiting for … so I’m waiting.

I wait while others have their moment in the sun with you.

I wait and stare for hours at the phone, the email … hoping for a sign that you haven’t forgotten me.

I listen while you make love with someone else. One thin, dark wall away … and I wait.

I listen while they brag about their conquest of you. I watch while they share their ‘secrets’ of just how to grasp you …

And I wait.

I do my dance, I change my life in order to please you. You give me hope and you bring me joy … and you ask me to wait. You give me glances, touches, stolen and all too brief moments of pure Ecstasy … and then I’m alone, again … waiting for the next time.

I reach out to you in pain and need … and you say I must wait: you have other priorities. So I wait and I look for joy in the waiting. I hide my yearning, so no one sees how desperately I need you.

You are worth waiting for, and so I wait.

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