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If you know me, you know what the title means.

A special prayer room, a full week of prayer. I started on Sunday at midnight to 1AM, continued my shift 2AM through 3:30 AM Sunday morning. I should have stayed until 4, and let the staff sleep. That has bothered me all week. Two of my daughters with me for an hour, my wife with me for another.

Dawn found sanctuary in the “green closet”. No surprise there. : )

First thing I read on my journey was a post-it note that read “I forgive the Hannibals”. Damn. That speaks.

It’s very humbling to feel you are the filthiest object in the room. Thank God for grace.

My replacement didn’t show up. Like a dummy I followed the rules and called the number for the staff, then prayed for whoever it was that didn’t come. They missed out on so much. I should have just stayed another hour when it was apparent they were a no show. Lisa lost some sleep because of me. I’m sorry …

I felt cleansed. I am greedy for that feeling again.

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