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Things I Miss

The crunch of ice from a hand powered ice cream churn, the smell of juicy, fresh peaches waiting to be added to the mix.

The tang of the sea in my Grandfather’s clothes, and the wreath of apple pipe tobacco smoke that hung around his neck.

The hum of an oscillating floor fan, singing me to sleep on a hot summer night.

Johnny Cash and Glen Campbell telling tales of Boys Named Sue and Witchita Linemen, providing the soundtrack to a Sunday night Monopoly game.

The look Mom and Dad used to share as they sat on the pier. Electricity that said; “This moment will never change.”

Nana Ginny, Grampa Jack, Gramma H – Bob the Father – Susan the Mother. Pam?

My bike. I wonder what ever happened to it?

I’m filling up my house with Love – Love that I was taught. Love that I once lost (or threw away.)


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My father always said:

“Be very careful who you choose as your heroes. They will invariably let you down.”

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Benoit: A Conflict of Conscience (A Selfish Musing)

As you can see from my post of yesterday, Chris Benoit was a casual friend, an admired celebrity and a hero of mine for some time.
As the day goes on and I learn more about the events of the weekend, I face a conflict; someone I held in high esteem has committed a monstrous act. A literal horror story.
As a Christian, husband and father … how am I supposed to feel?
Disbelief. Anger. Saddness (not just saddness but a real overwhelming gloom.)
More later as I deal through this.

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Chris Benoit 1967 – 2007

A long time hero of mine passed this afternoon.
Chris Benoit
A few years ago, Chris came to Harper’s with some buddies and his family. I knew him from the WWE, and I got the chance to entertain him, for a change. Very nice, very gracious group.
Almost a year later I’m working a trade show in New Orleans. Chris and some other wrestlers are signing autographs a few booths down from where I was. Chris recognized me, remembered my name and brought a crowd over for the show. We hung out afterward for a bit, and had dinner at the hotel bar.

In the ring, he wasn’t much of a talker, but he was a great athlete and showman. He had a charisma and a daring style that put him over to the crowd. He was one of the very few that Dawn enjoyed seeing in the ring.

Chris was found with his wife Nancy and their 7 year old son, dead in their house this afternoon. The police have called it a double murder/ suicide. Apparently Chris killed his wife and son over the weekend, then took his own life on Monday. This was a real tragedy.

I don’t know what tortures a person to such violence.

Rabid Wolverine, Kid Pegasus, Toothless Aggression … Chris Benoit.

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Give Peace a Chance?

My friends, we are faced today with what can only be described as an act of war.

As you music fans may know, this week Amnesty International released an album of John Lennon cover songs to benefit Darfur. Naturally Irish rockers U2 stepped up to the bat and recorded an excellent version of “Instant Karma”.

Then the unthinkable happened.

In a despicable move of snot-nosed elitism, the English poser band Duran Duran ALSO recorded a version of “Instant Karma”. Lead singer Simon LeBon (whose name reminds one of creme filled chocolates … “another LeBon, my dear?”) reportedly said, “Iss owah privwedge, innet? Lennon wos Engwish, too!”

England Versus Ireland. Again.

Well, we know who’s side God is on, don’t we? Seriously … whose career lasted BEYOND the 1980s … hmmmmm??

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Map of the World

Watching the people on the street today she couldn’t help but smile
Watchin’ the town go walking by all shaded eyes and alibis
Strange how much pain you can hide away beneath a well-cut suit
This is the day she walks away
And the lights of the city pushin’ a good time
Asking her out tonight
But she’s saving her money for a better life

Watchin the people on the street today
Such a lonely sight
‘Swore she could see their dreams go by
All cars and stars and buy buy buy
Runnin’ on empty runnin’ to stand still
No time for their own lives
Sleepwalking through the danger signs

And it feels a little scary
A little runaway
Letting go of all she’s done
And the lights of the city, well they’re all singin’
Buy some of this, c’mon
But when you lie to yourself
You lie to everyone

She’s got a map of the world
Pinned up on her wall
She’s gonna go and see it all

She’ll empty the sand from her shoes
In Paradise
Sail out across the bay
She’ll dance under an island sky
Until the break of day

She’s got a map of the world
Pinned up on her wall
It’s such a beautiful world
Glistening and magical

She’s got a map of the world
Shining away in her mind
Coloring-in her life
This is the day she walks
She’s gonna see it all
She’s gonna breathe it all
She’s gonna see it all

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