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I was feeling down. Uninspired. Partially because of some bad news, partially because of weariness, probably a little hunger.

I had a minor case of ‘poor me’.

As the crowd was filing in … Enthusiastic, full of humor … this lovely woman stepped up to have a chat. It seems that she’s seen me twice before and hopes that tonight’s show hasn’t changed much from the last time. Then she blows my mind.

She’s an ER nurse. She deals with people in all levels of distress. She tells me that when she has a person who is frightened or freaking out … Or when she has to put in a particularly difficult IV … She tells the patient about me. About my show and my humor and … My story. She tells them about my magic or tells my version of “The Elves and the Shoemaker”. As a healer.

Whatever it is your heart yearns for … seek it out. Do it with all your might. You aren’t just affecting the immediate surroundings … your love and passion resonate through the universe.

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