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All of a life, summed up in a dash between the dates. Her work, her art, her children … her unrelenting vitality.
She inspired, she loved, she encouraged. She sang …. no, more than that, she made music.
She saved lives, she nurtured. She gifted me with the fine art of sarcasm.
My faults are my own. My virtues came from her.

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Love and Death

I love my work. My art.

It is truly wrapped up and is a part of me … while it has been cautioned to not let your job define you, I have let myself define my job. Clever lad, that Hannibal …

I would die for my art. I would pour my heart onto the stage with my dying breath. I want, need to work. If it were my choice to live or make art, I would make the art. Art hard. Prove the bastards wrong every day.

But it’s not just me, is it? Doing what I do and wanting to be surrounded by an audience puts others in danger. Strangers. Friends and loved ones of strangers. People I may never meet, but people that I could doom with my careless actions. So.
because I love, because Love is what I worship and strive to preach:

I stay in isolation and I practice for the day I can return to the performance.

I would die for my art
but I would not kill for it.


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