Monthly Archives: August 2011

Are the pastures really greener elsewhere?

I feel a bit stagnant these days. I have new ideas I work on when I can, gigs come in pretty regularly, good reviews and good, constructive critique when I need it. So why do I feel so … stuck?

I don’t like that my level of optimism is directly tied into my bank account. I have a couple of clients that are late on payments, so my small business and personal accounts are dry. I feel the struggle, and I’m grateful for it (still), but there are moments when I’m frustrated by my situation.

On the other hand, I’m still surrounded by love.

Contemplating a move to a resort town, just to kick start and get closer to businesses and people that could use my services. Charlotte doesn’t seem to.

High on the list: Orlando, Reno, Charleston. Thoughts?


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