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I’m presented today with a challenge of faith.
Got up and took Carlaysle to class Friday morning. In the relative quiet of the return journey I contemplate an offer I received via email. I have an opportunity to move to Florida and send my career on a rocket ride. Huge increase in income, possible TV and movie work.
Why on earth am I even thinking twice about this? Dawn is behind me no matter what I choose to do.
Because there’s work God is calling me to do here. (Naturally, here come the obstacles.)
The initial meeting I hoped to call about the show had to be canceled because most everyone had conflicts. (That’s just bad timing, but I’m feeling the pressure.) So Nathan and I agreed to get together for lunch today (Sunday) after church. I got sick and couldn’t get out of bed until late afternoon.
Finished my 2006 taxes. Ick.
Carlaysle got into an accident Saturday afternoon. Three cars involved. No one was hurt (Praise God).
However, the car is badly damaged, and the police decided she was at fault … so who knows what that will mean.

Friday night I did a show (set up by Mix-master Hunt) for a youth group in Huntersville. I wasn’t on 100%, but it was a great audience and they completely lifted me up.
My family is all together and unhurt. I have people who love me.

Jesus Walks.


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Casting the Watchmen

The fabulous Mr. Strong Bad Hunt and I had a discussion about casting the Watchmen movie. Here are some thoughts … can you fill in the blanks?
(If you have no clue as to what I’m talking about, get thee to a comic store.)

BERNARD – Ossie Davis cliossie1.gif
BERNIE – Larenz Tate tate.jpg

HOODED JUSTICE – Arnold Schwarzenegger arnold.jpg
DOCTOR MANHATTAN – Daniel Craig craig.jpg

MOLOCH – Peter O’Toole peter.jpg

NITE OWL II – Stephen Root root.jpg

RORSCHACH – William H. Macy macy.jpg
SILK SPECTRE I – Bette Midler midler.jpg

What say you?


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Richard Jeni 1957 – 2007

Richard Jeni

AN UPDATE March 13: Apparently a few months ago Richard was diagnosed with severe clinical depression coupled with bouts of psychotic paranoia. It seems this got the best of him.

I got to open for Richard Jeni early in my career, when I was still on the comedy club circuit. He was as genuine offstage as he was funny onstage. This is a guy who was already embracing the big time, he was shooting “Mask” with Jim Carrey at the time we met and he gave me his home phone number.

“If you ever want advice or just want to gripe about the showbiz, call me.” … so I did. He always took a few moments whenever I contacted him. We corresponded via email for a little over a year. I would still hear from him occasionally; “How’s it going? How’s your family? What’s it like raising teenagers? Come on … the big time is still waiting for you!”

He loved his audience, he loved his job, but apparently he was deeply troubled. Saturday night he shot himself in the face, and died later at the hospital. He was brilliant. He made people happy. This was a waste.

I have this belief that suicide kills the soul as well as the body. That makes this SO much more tragic.

Sorry for the ramble, I’m just stunned. I’d like to say that I can’t imagine someone being in so much mental anguish that  they would choose oblivion over life.

But I can’t honestly say that. It’s the main reason I don’t own a gun myself.

God Bless Richard’s friends and family. He meant a lot to me.

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300: The Return of Grecian Formula

My eldest two and I went to the advance screening of 300 late Thursday evening. Here are my thoughts, for what it’s worth.

This is easily the most fun I’ve had at the movies this year. Historical fiction has not looked this good since Chuck Heston and Yul Bryner faced off. The dudes are buff and crafty, the women tough and sexy. The battle sccnes are thick with action and CGI blood. (Nope, still can’t get past the “Hey, that’s CGI blood … looks cool.” stage. CGI blood still reminds me that the real Wizard is behind the curtain.) The movie is Ultra; Ultra-Violence, Ultra-Sex, Ultra-Heroic Heroes and Ultra-Bad Villians. Watching the battle scenes reminds me of an old WW2 spoof I once read, where one of the protagonists declares: “Killing Asians is like eating their food. 20 minutes later, you just want to kill some more.” A glorious ride through old style copper toned vision.

Sadly – that’s all. Kind of a puff pastry piece, you revel in the outer crust but still somehow leave with an empty feeling. The ending somewhat disappoints, not because of a bad story, but more that you feel the movie is building to some great climax … but it does not. We are left with respect for the heroes, but we don’t get to see what their heroism accomplished.

Verdict: Great, tasty fluff. No filling.


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I need a co-writer for this play. I sat up late for several days, in the quiet of the evening and just wrote. I looked at it this morning and deleted the whole deal. To be delicate … it was utter crap. There’s a difference in pattering (as most Magi do) and in performing – so also there is a difference in Typing and Writing. I was typing. I can feel the emotion of what of what I want to say, but I cannot get that feeling down. This is more than just “the magic show”. I want to get it right.

I am starting again today from scratch.


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