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Pornographic, Fear Mongering Moneychangers.

I have heard the opinion of men I respect regarding the sensationalism of the end times. Certain books, movies and songs have played upon the fear of well meaning Christians for what seems like nothing more than making a quick, easy buck. (I’m thinking of YOU, Kirk Cameron.)

Just when I thought I had seen the bottom of the barrel, someone made the barrel deeper. There’s a website where, for just $40 a year, you can send a message to your loved ones who miss the rapture. That’s right kids – their database will automatically send out a message for up to 62 of your friends and family six days after the rapture occurs.

(How do they know?) Glad you asked. According to the services page, if 3 or more of their 5 Christian agents fail to log in for 6 days in a row – the message goes out to the email addresses you supply that you have been raptured and they have been Left Behind.

I hate to give the jerks the hits – but to show this isn’t just a product of my twisted sense of humor;

But now, Casual Reader, I must leave you with a dilemma. Would Jesus click that link?

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