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Survival, like art, requires practice.

A year ago I left behind my hometown and most of my friends to move to California. I wasn’t chasing a dream (I’m living mine) so much as positioning myself for better opportunity. New life. New challenges.

Day two of the journey my bank account was emptied by a third party. I busked in Memphis and appealed to my social community to help … and they did, big time. Day three found me broken down in Texas. Patience and time got everything fixed, and my people rallied behind me with emotional support. I got to where I was going. Couldn’t have done it without you.

You are stronger than the bullies. You stand up for me when dark voices threaten to erode my mind. You help me reconnect. I would not be here without you, and I’m grateful. I want to try to pay it forward, if I can.

There is a talented young man who is struggling and working in LA. He is talented, and he’s working harder than I’ve seen anyone in this crazy town work. He’s paying his sweat equity in spades. He has a great heart, and would never ask for help for himself. So his friends (and I hope he counts me among those) are asking for him. To date, he does not know of the efforts made on his behalf.

There is a GoFundMe set up in order to help pay down his debt so he can continue on his journey. I’m asking you to visit the site and make up your own mind about how best to help. As is true in all of these things, even the small amounts help.

This is Nate Westover. Practice a little giving, practice a little kindness. Help this man continue to practice his art, and survive … then thrive.

This is what we do: we love. Thank you.

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Sunday Blue

February 24, 2019

The performances at the Castle continue to be extraordinary. I made a new friend, got the opportunity to offer some comfort, and served as a resting pillow for a short period of time last night. I count these things as very positive perks. I do hope they continue. Thursday my best friend got to finally see me in my purest element. This was good, I think.

Facebook presented me with some pretty painful and pointed memories, today. While it brought me down for a short time, it’s solidified in me that I have made the right decisions.

I cannot imagine why I tolerated all the things that I did.

I stepped out of the fire escape and found that it was a beautiful, sunny California day. The sun is in the sky, it is a bright blue, and there are celebrities walking up and down my little street. I’m just about a block away from the theater where the Oscars will take place.

Tonight I get to make magic in my Castle home, again. My heart may be splintered, but it’s still mine.

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Self Worth

I feel myself worthy, I’m full of confidence I know exactly who I am. Onstage.

On stage I make people smile, I lift their spirits, I show them miracles. On stage we are one, and they believe in me.

Off-stage, not so much. I’m still the 10 year old who does not get picked. The last kid, awkwardly standing alone while cool kids choose someone else, because I just don’t measure up. I’m not quite good enough. Off stage.

It’s lonely off stage. At the end of the day I am by myself, and left to comfort myself. I am quite aware that this is the life I set up for myself.

And perhaps that’s how it’s to be. I’ll use this time to make my time on stage a little bit better. I would have liked to have been chosen, I no longer expect it.

I still have the stage, and I’m still kinda important there.

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