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Who Am I?

I know theres a place you walked
Where love falls from the trees
My heart is like a broken cup
I only feel right on my knees

I spit out like a sewer hole
Yet still receive your kiss
How can I measure up to anyone
After such a love as this?

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Woke up this morning, did a nice little family show at a local festival.

The moment it was over, as I was packing up my show, I felt a twinge in my side.  Must be hungry.

Got home, ate about half of lunch – then doubled over in searing pain, as though I had been stabbed. (Yep, been there.) Lunch came back up. Violently. Repeatedly.

Assumed it was exhaustion or dehydration or both. Been on the move lately. Tried to sleep. No good. Tried to drink – nothing stays down because I’m hurting so bad.

Back story; my father was killed by pancreatic cancer. His symptoms are almost the same as mine, and the pain is increasing.

Dawn rushes me to hospital in the driving rain. Praying the whole way. Long wait in the waiting room. Long wait in the exam room. CAT scan. Pain killers (finally).

Verdict comes in: kidney stones. This too shall pass.

Never hurt so bad before. Never been  more scared. Never more grateful for pain, once I learned the source.  Through it all, I could hear a comforting voice. Peace. Be Still.

Large amounts of drugs, now. Waiting for my stone to leave.



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