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“Spirit of Truth”

“Men go crazy in congregations; they only get better one by one.” ~ Sting


My last audition led to the crushing of my faith. Now, I’ve been in love with theatrical art for as long as I can remember. At six I was onstage performing in “The Music Man”. I make my living performing my little solo show.

A few years back I auditioned for a role in a grand production of “A Christmas Carol”. The production was taking place in one of Charlotte’s nicer mega-churches. At the audition I was told: 1) I was too fat to read for the role I wanted and 2) I wasn’t attending services often enough to be considered for any role. It was a really cold slap. I stopped going out for productions and I left that church … and eventually that experience turned me off from all churches. My son went through something similar years later … but that’s his story. For my part I started concentrating on my show and using the stage as my own pulpit, alter and worship center.

This summer I was asked by a friend to be a part of an ensemble, a play. “The Night of The Iguana” by Tennessee Williams. 

There was a role available and the rehearsal schedule fit my down-time very nicely. So I signed up. The experience has been very spiritually fulfilling.

The theme is largely negative: decay, non-redemption, addiction … but there is beauty in life, and life in decay.

The people I’ve been gifted to work with are simply great. Happy, uplifting, embracing. Together we’ve created a beautiful, awesome work of art. I’ve found some salvation when I really needed it.

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More (Much more) on This, Later

by London Reese

by London Reese

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