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Roused from my Warm Bed

… by a Big Friendly Giant.

I took the children to BFG, playing at the Children’s Theater at Imaginon on Wednesday morning. We enjoy live theater and we belong to a home schooling group that embraces the arts – as a bonus, my friend and occasional collaborator Nathan Rouse was playing several key roles.

This play is one of the highlights of the CT season. Great story (originally by Roald Dahl of ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘James & the Giant Peach’ fame), creative use of sets and props and directed in a way to spark the imagination. Most every variety of puppet style is represented, from shadow to hand to inverted marionette – and a cast talented enough to not only act but manipulate their counterparts.

Mr. Rouse was in fine form (call me biased). Playing a bloodthirsty mega giant, a Headmaster that would put Denny Terrio (look it up) to shame and the subtly sarcastic Mr. Tibbs – valet to none other than the Queen of England.

Five stars – catch it if you can!

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Somewhere in history you were wronged
Teach your children to bang the drum
Tell all your family, tell all your friends
Teach your brothers to avenge

It carries on

Or you could Love.

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