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Tonight’s the Night

I feel this is a personal victory. God has blessed me with this craft in my hands … a craft that, at it’s best times, approaches Art. After tears, frustrations, practice, rehearsal, prayer and inspirations … tonight I present the fruits before a paying, public audience.

My heart is so full with blessings.

(I do wish my friends didn’t have to pay to watch me … but I’ll make it up to them.)

The show is sold out. Let me say that again … SOLD OUT. Harper’s is (in a word) shocked. The only thing that can screw up the evening now is … me. 🙂

Thank you, Lord.

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The Road We Are On

I know that life is hard,

I know that life can sometimes be a drag,

But we have been given a gift.

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Like the First Time

There’s this show Thursday. People are paying to come see me. Sure, there’s dinner (and it’s a good one) but the reason for the event is me. Shouldn’t that be a huge ego boost that I managed to sell tickets?

I have a pretty good act. Is that enough? Are they laughing with me yet? When do you get to know you are good enough?

Maybe you never know.

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