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This Clipped Engine

And ever since I was a boy
I never felt that I belonged
Like everything they did to me
Was an experiment to see
How I would cope with the illusion
In which direction would I jump
Would I do it all the same
As the actors in the game
Or would I spit it back at them
And not get caught up in their rules
And live according to my own
And not be used, not be used
To find the fundamental truths
It was going to take some time
Forty-two summers down the line
The wisdom of each passing year
Seems to serve only to confuse

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The Story of God Comes to a Close

“Home – It’s where I want to be, but I guess I’m already there.” The Talking Heads

The beat goes on … glorious, awe bringing creation renews itself and awaits the return of the King. God grant me the ability to view the path you want me to walk … and thank you for the view along the way.

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Uncurl the fingers that hold
Summon the strength to let go
Out of the tired world
Out of the upset
Into the sunset

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