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Sorry about this one

It does say purges up there, doesn’t it? Ok, here goes.

When I was about 15, my parents (divorced and dating other people at that time) sat me down seperately and told me they were embarassed to have me around when they had “friends” over. I was a loner, a little strange, heavily enamored on comics, movies, the newly emerging Punk rock scene and D&D. Neither knew that the other said basically the same thing. They would prefer that their guests not meet me.

I grew up and had many wonderful adventures and got over it.

Then tonight I had one of my children tell me the same thing. She won’t bring her friends or boyfriends over to her house because of me. She can’t wait to be away from here, because I am a total embarassment.



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Where to go, what to do?

I am the single most blessed person I know.
Great family, dream job … a gift that baffles me.

Why can’t I sleep?


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If you could only see what I’ve seen through your eyes

A wise man once said;
“A flower is only a sexual organ,
Beauty is cruelty and evolution. ”

A wise man once said that everything could be explained with mathematics.
He had denied His feminine side
Now where is the wisdom in that?

I came just as fast as I could
Through the dirty air of your neighborhood.
Your name on a grain of rice hangin’ around my neck
And a head like lead.

I heard everything they said
The Universe demystified
Chemicals for God
This is the 21st century

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When I Meet God

I crawled around inside myself
It was a long way down
It was a mine and it was mine
And in the darkness
I saw a perfect mirror
Floating in space

When I meet God
I’m going to ask Him
What makes Him cry
What makes Him laugh
Are the stars just holes in Indigo glass?
Does He know why
Love has no end
But it’s a dark-angel friend
Tearing women and men
Slowly apart

Don’t do that
Don’t do that
Never do that

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