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Pray Lewd

I choose to see the growth within the rain.
I choose to see the nutrition in the dirt.
I choose to see the healing in the heartbreak.
I do not walk my road in fear.


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I need

I need a hot summer day, and a lake surrounded by Green life.

Lying on my back, my tummy a baking island. The gentle pull of the cool water on my hair, like a loving friend. I am a buoy. Letting myself go, letting myself just Be.

My ears beneath the surface hear the buzz of an unseen boat. They may be skiing, heading for a fishing spot, or just enjoying the freedom of speed on the water.

I am worshiping the sun and the water for this moment, and I have found peace.

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We are such fragile creatures. Take time right now to let your family and friends know exactly how much you love them. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to say “I love” to everyone you care about.

Take a chance and tell a stranger. Do something really nice for someone you don’t like very much. Anonymously.

A friend pointed out that a lot of my music is somewhat dark … So this week I’m committing to only listening to upbeat, inspirational tunes. Suggestions?


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