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Three Beautiful Things

My dear friend River gave me a task: I was recently performing in Boston, staying across from Boston Common, and she asked me to find three beautiful things and describe them to her.

As you wish:

  1. Green. The grass, the rolling small hills. Decorated here and there with snow and ice, making the scene quite surreal. Green is my favorite color, the color of my magic. It is the color of life and nature. The scene was so green it even reflected on the pond. The common was crowded and bustling, yet the green shone through all of it, adding joy to the people there.
  2. Water. There’s a pond, and people on swan boats. The water reflects the green and the blue in the sky. I couldn’t see how wide it was from  my vantage point. I also couldn’t tell how deep. It was all sparkling diamonds and tiny waves. It was true love, and light hearts.
  3. Light. It was fading as I finished my small journey. I watched the sky change colors and fade toward purple/ black. I watched the streetlights come slowly to life. I watched people holding hands and laughing as they made their way home. The light made music, if you understand. The hum and heartbeat of the common changing, slowing as the light led the emotion.

I could name a hundred more individual, beautiful things … because a friend invited me to open my eyes and see them.

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