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Living for the Dream

I’m waiting.

You asked me to wait and you are worth waiting for … so I’m waiting.

I wait while others have their moment in the sun with you.

I wait and stare for hours at the phone, the email … hoping for a sign that you haven’t forgotten me.

I listen while you make love with someone else. One thin, dark wall away … and I wait.

I listen while they brag about their conquest of you. I watch while they share their ‘secrets’ of just how to grasp you …

And I wait.

I do my dance, I change my life in order to please you. You give me hope and you bring me joy … and you ask me to wait. You give me glances, touches, stolen and all too brief moments of pure Ecstasy … and then I’m alone, again … waiting for the next time.

I reach out to you in pain and need … and you say I must wait: you have other priorities. So I wait and I look for joy in the waiting. I hide my yearning, so no one sees how desperately I need you.

You are worth waiting for, and so I wait.

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