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Gifts and Heroes

I’ve always been a huge advocate of using your gifts. Sharing your experiences and talents with those less fortunate. Inspiring and lifting up those who truly need it. I have a friend who is doing just that, and she inspired me to write this post.

My Mother was unable to bear children, and so I was adopted. At the time that was the only option. I have a special love for women who take up the cause, as it were. Reaching out to Mother the helpless.

Meet my friend Maria. ImageA lovely young lady in the prime of her life. Surrounded by friends and gifted with compassion, she heard about couples trying in vain to have children of their own. On her own initiative, she looked in to donating eggs for In Vitro Fertilization. She discovered REACH in North Carolina, and is going through the long, tough procedure. Let me let her tell you in her own words:

H) What made you decide to donate?

M) “A friend of mine actually brought it up about how she had to stand by and watch a boss of hers go through failed pregnancies and miscarriages. I felt compelled to look up donation and surrogacy because I thought if it was someone I knew I’d want to take some action. I looked up places around Charlotte to see if I could make it happen and I found Reach in June. Within these past months my sister and her husband are actually going through it, and it breaks my heart.”

H) Do you donate blood/ platelets and/or plasma, too?

M)  “I’ve always donated blood, ever since the Red Cross started coming into schools. Multiple times in high school and college. I was told I had a special type of blood they can be given to babies! I am also an organ donor.”

H) Do you plan to have kids of your own someday?

M) “As of right now there are no plans for children in the future. I love children and working with them, I’m a nanny, help with the Girl Scouts and worked with the YMCA summer camp for 3 years but I just don’t see myself being responsible enough for someone to depend on me for everything.”

H) What’s been the most difficult part of this endeavor, and how did you get through it?

M) “The hardest part of this process….for starters it’s been very lengthy you have to be very patient. I started in June, it is now November and I’m not yet on the list to be paired with a recipient couple. There is so much information and tests that have to be done but the hardest was speaking with a counselor. I was asked to being along my significant other because they wanted to know how he felt about my decision. We then spoke with a psychiatrist for almost two hours. The hardest question being, when I’m older and might decide to have children how will I feel if I cannot conceive yet know there is a child of mine out in the world. It turned my world around, I’d never thought of that before. But with my hand clasped by the man I love who is fully supportive I realized we would breach that gap, if we were to go through it, together. We even talked about adopting!”

H) If you could, would you want to keep track of the children you made possible?

M) “I think it would be neat to keep track of the child/children that I helped make possible. I signed contracts saying I would never look for the child and I’m not allowed to meet the couple either. There is a chance that the law could change about the child trying to find me but as of now it is not allowed. I am curious as to what the child will look like and traits they will possess, I was even asked to write up a fake note to the child about growing up. I told them to always chase their dreams but that those dreams don’t come without hard work. I just hope for their happiness and pray for patience for the parents cause if they get a mini me they’ll have their hands full!”

So there you go. A young woman selflessly giving life to the world, hope to the future.  I hear people my age putting down today’s youth, saying they are selfish and spoiled. Don’t you believe it.
There is love, and plenty of it.

Maria – you are my hero. Thank you!

“I am not a man of action, I am a man of will. But I can’t believe in my will unless I act from it.”

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