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The Liar … Lies.

The Naked Truth
September 11, 2015
UpStage, Charlotte. NC

Part two.

The Magic Show.
I took the stage and performed “LIAR!”. I wrote this show from my memories and my stories. Now, let’s be clear: I didn’t do it alone. I had an incredible group of creative friends, magicians and artists who contributed ideas, technical instruction and encouragement that made the show happen.

I can’t really describe my feelings in great detail, because I was intensely focused. “LIAR!” is nostalgia, time travel and whimsy. The audience … was reserved on this night. Not sending my energy back to me, but holding on to it, soaking it in. While I knew they were with me and enjoying my offering, I found myself working twice as hard to sustain my energy and power. I don’t in any way blame them; who knows how their day was up to that point? What burdens were they carrying? So I worked and sweat and gave my very best. The reviews were enthusiastic, but I left the stage feeling drained and empty.I felt like calling the final part off.IMG_9591 IMG_9592 IMG_9644

But sitting back there, slowly taking off my shoes and socks, I got a feeling. What I’m doing is MAYBE important. And maybe is enough. I have to do it.
Aside: No matter how much you love what you do, no matter the sheer joy you receive, there are moments when it just seems impossible to move forward. You get tired. Tired of your own voice, tired of the script, tired of very act of standing up to take the stage. But you make yourself. You stand up and continue on your path and you rely on friends or prayer or whatever it takes to continue on this path because: MAYBE it’s important and MAYBE someone needs me tonight.

And maybe is enough. So I slipped back onto the stage and I engaged the audience.

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