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Come and Go with Me

The night before.

I challenged a friend to write something … anything … every day. “Open your heart,” I said “and show it around. You have a very interesting life, and plenty of experiences to share.” Well, so have I, it seems.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Blackpool, England. Someone likes my ideas so much they are willing to fly me there just so I can share them with my fellow magi. My dream has become a dream for others. Any idea how dizzying that is?

I’m going to try my best to record what I see and how it feels. Kicking off a daily dairy of sorts. My point of view. There are questions unanswered and it’s a bit intimidating … but my path is set, even though I can’t see it all from here. I have faith. I have momentum. I have love and support. I have my strange engine.

“Come and go with me; it’s more fun to share.
We’ll both be completely at home in mid-air.
We’re flying, not walking, on fatherless wings.
We can hold onto love like invisible strings …” ~ Gonzo, the Great

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