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Christmas Day 2018

Very quiet and almost alone.

But when a lady who is interesting and interested calls …

So I had lunch with a captivating and deep young woman who has eyes like sunshine through honey. Those eyes see a lot, and I think they like what they see in me.

Worked on new magic and read a new book (gift from the same lady) and kept breathing. I’m listening to the closing of the year carols and thinking about art. New Year’s Eve will find me at the Magic Castle, doing my dance behind the bar.

Who knows tomorrow? Right now, in this moment … there’s peace for this earth-man.

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a Dad’s moment


We’re sitting in a Steak N Shake and discussing card tricks and art and

A young father comes in on a date with his little girl and they are playing games and laughing and so full of love the place might as well be empty and

I used to long for this before I became a Dad. I honestly did. My own princess who thought I was the greatest and

I had it. I owned it three times and we went on dates and played games and laughed and I was a king with my golden, beautiful princesses and we were so full of love and

Now? I’m the lonely old man watching his past with tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat and

They still love me. And I did have this, and it’s still silver.

And …

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