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Years ago:
I had a hat and a waistcoat.
I put them on, picked up my instrument, and went to work.

It was raw craft, at first. I had a little skill with words and so I used them to hide the flubs.
Raw craft … and then

I missed my mother. I was unhappy that she never saw me perform one effect, never saw what my hands were destined to do. I said so while shuffling cards. I made up a trick that i thought would make her laugh, could she but see.

… and they laughed. And they gasped. And they wriggled a bit in delight.
The laugh exploded and crystallized into art. Laughter through tears.

A marine. (hard and sober)
A goth chick.
A rabbi.
A homeless man.
A homeless woman.
A college student.
A lawyer.
A superstar athlete.
And several anonymous souls
… have told me that I saved their lives with my words and my art.

Tonight I made a woman weep with my stories.
I reminded her of her son
Who died …
Laughter through tears.
“He would have loved this … thank you for being who you are.”

tonight I drove home.
And I put my instrument down (for now, not for keeps)
I took off my hat and i hung up my waistcoat
and I wrote this to you.

This … is who I am.

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I Sincerely Hope

“What is done with love is done well.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

If you are reading this: I love you. I have compassion and affection for you. I want you to succeed in your endeavors and I want you to feel loved. Because you are. You are loved. More: You deserve love. You are an amazing, gifted creature. You are unique in the entire multiverse. Accept it, and pass it around.

I live my life with my heart out. If you look closely at my sleeve you’ll discover that I’m not hiding cards; I’m displaying my feels. I’m not ashamed and I’m not likely to change soon.

This wearing has cost me. Cost me friends, cost me work … and it cost me my marriage. Oh – it wasn’t the only straw, but it was certainly one of them.

I put my heart on display when I work. I strive to do so in my ‘off the stage’ life. Being human, I often stumble in this quest, but I keep loving anyway. Love is my god. It exists because I feed it and I worship it and I give it praise. I allow it to rule me. Well … I do my best to allow it to rule me. That’s not always easy, and some folks make it damn hard, but let me tell you:

I love You. I love exactly You. Your blemishes, Your so called ‘imperfections’, Your mistakes … I love You when I vehemently disagree with Your actions and points of view. I love Your scars, because they tell me of Your story, Your pain … and I will love You and listen to Your story and try to help You bear some of the burden, if i can.

Love is not small: Love is as broad and deep as the sky. We can all share in it and not one person need be left out. Not. One.

First Valentine’s Day alone in 28 years. I’m feeling it, friends. I feel it like physical loss. I’m going to keep on loving, anyway. Her. Them. You. Because that’s what I know to do.

On this day, on every day: I sincerely hope there’s love where you are.


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Man, the older my eyes get the more they see it.

I see beauty everywhere I look. I see Angels in concrete. Dancers in Dirt.

I see beauty in every person. Many make me struggle to see it, but I know it’s there, so I strive to not give up until I recognize it.

I see beauty in my work. I see my work transformed into art and even Art, because I lace it with the beauty I see around me.

I see beauty in you. Yes, you. In your kindness, in your selfishness. In your anger.

I see beauty, or maybe beauty seeks me out.

I see it everywhere except

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