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If I think it, my hands do it. Often my hands do their work without me having to consciously command them. Naturally, this is from thousands of hours of rehearsal and performance. I can deliver violence, tenderness, inspiration, blunt love and delicate touches on the fragile leaves of the deck. Such is my gift.

I try to be a good steward of the gift. The gift in my hands and the gift in my mind and my mouth. I consider it a responsibility.

Tonight I’m aware of the work of my hands. They hurt … the joints are sore. My throat is raw and swollen. Along with most of my body …

This morning early (early for your humble author, anyway) I went to the local airport to entertain troops returning home for the holidays. Nearly four thousand came through and I performed for dozens of them. I watched faces come alive. I watch somber become beaming. I experienced … gratitude. They were grateful for the humor, the stories, the magic. I got to do good things for brave people.

I got the chance to help friends with an unexpected vehicular inconvenience. As a bonus, I got to listen … to (hopefully) offer verbal support and encouragement.

I helped a friend find healing and comfort. This allowed her to make art for loved ones … a path to smiles and joy.

I performed card tricks for a company that, within the past few days, has been sold. Everyone was a little nervous and unsure … should they be celebrating? My hands and my humor put the worries away. The nervousness turned into exuberance. We laughed. We did the dance. In the end, it was glorious. It was magic.

I’m tired. The ‘did a good, hard days work’ tired. I’m pleased to be exhausted from building my dreams. (Man … have my dreams changed  over the years.)

All this to say: I have gifts and I spent my day using them in benefit of the souls I met. Believe me when I say: the feeling of doing so is indescribably fulfilling.
You have gifts … and there are people who need you to share them. People who are having trouble finding their joy. Be aware of who you are … and be aware of those in need.

I am gifted, and I am a gift.

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