He’s called Fish.

An artist that I have admired for nearly 40 years is retiring. A poet, a fractured soul, a beautiful human being has recorded his last offerings. I heard the first of these today, and it brought me to my knees.

I’m going to share more about him later, but the heart that he has put into his work has saved my life several times, and has inspired me to make improvements in what I put forth.

And now he has moved me again. To keep pushing and to keep walking my path. I am still in tears from the beauty he showed me today.

Thank you, Fish.


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  1. D

    Hannibal, you are 4000 miles away across the ocean, by pure chance ( due to todays modern world of comunication) you have reached out and touched my life through your genuine love, your beautifully skilled work and your amazing thought-provoking inspiration. Thank you for being you and thank you for inspiring me to help others with my own few skills. Please find time to love yourself, the world needs you!. Happy days from England, keep up the brilliant work and stay safe during lock down!

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