On the Eclipse

I wrote a full blog on this … nearly 2000 words, full of feeling and poetry and my views on this event. On re-reading … it was awful. So here’s the nonfiction version.

I asked around and tried to get  together with some friends, but it just didn’t happen for one reason or another, so I made a little picnic and headed over to a nearby park, a rose garden.

I at at a table in the empty garden, smelling the fresh earth and flowers. There were birds singing, distant music. The day became subtly different, slowly. It felt surreal, but comforting.Slipped my glasses on and took a few peeks. As the sky grew dark, the birds faded and the crickets started.  I was surprised by the stars coming out, though I don’t suppose I should have been.

Alone but not lonely, living in love instead of fear, though my mind sometimes tries to make me afraid. All is well, and all shall BE well.

All my senses were engaged, and I took the time to be grateful. In the midst of an astonishing event, I realized how astonishing my very life is.

The gratitude hasn’t faded.


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