I’ve been down with a stomach virus the past few days, and finally managed to get up and be somewhat functional last night. Best dropped in for a bit and we had some needed conversation. She’s gone again in just a few weeks … off to new adventures.

I seem to have hit a turning point today. Felt much better so i got up and cleaned the house. (Cleaned-ish) Went to the grocer’s and made a much better vat of chili. (Hmm. Am I becoming to stereo-typically bachelor?) No less than seven new contacts, inquiring about shows in the near future. SEVEN. Redoubling my efforts at marketing, because this seems to be working.

Money coming in next week and I’ll be able to make a dent in my debt. Sadly December was such a bust … but I learned alot.

Three hours of practice and rehearsal tonight. If I find the right glasses I’ll be able to add ‘Sympathy’ to Tuesday night’s show. Feeling good about this one, now if I could just decide about what order to drop it in. Too many card tricks?

Rambly brain has rambled. Deeper discourse later. Maybe.

Love You.

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