In February of 2013 (a musing)

The six of us went to Disneyworld for most of a week. We ate together, we played together … we promised ourselves to come back in 2016. It was … beauty.

The kids wore matching M&M shirts in different colors to the park one day. The next day they wore matching Hannibal shirts …

On Valentines day we took large bags of Tootsie Pops and gave them away to park employees with little ‘I love you’s and smiles. We saw spectacular shows and cemented some old friendships.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Giraffes in our backyard. At night we had infrared binoculars to watch the wildlife. On our last night, Dawn and I had dinner alone in the African restaurant, had a couple of bottles of wine and went walking on the trails for a bit. We talked about the past and the future and … our emptying nest. It was one of the most romantic nights we ever shared. And one of the last.

The world has changed. I have this shining memory. Its beauty is ice pick sharp and it cuts, but the scars are worth it.861051_10151562468570955_1750145336_o

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