When I Come Home

The house s full, tonight. There’s restlessness and anticipation. I am welcomed with love and smiles, even from those here who don’t know me very well. We interact, we converse, we dance.

This is my home. I’ve been building it all my life, it seems. The lights are always warm and bright and my audience is sad (a bit) when our time is done. I live here, on this stage. There is love in abundance, where I am.


When I Come Home

The house is empty. It is almost always empty. There is stillness, peace and quiet. There are books to welcome me, and … myself to converse with.

This is my home. I built it over the course of scant months, it seems. Once I lived in a house teeming with energy, love and compassion, but … I ruined that. I destroyed it without even trying. So now I pass the time working toward getting back on stage as soon as possible. I try not to think of what I burned behind me.

There is love in abundance, but I lost it.


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2 responses to “House

  1. its intresting and nice article. i m glade to see your post.

  2. Heather

    …and when you’re done wading through the whys that motivated you to burn it, and you settle into ownership of your flaws and cracks in and beneath your armor… Forgive yourself. It may be a little while, but you will get there.

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