Grief in Brief

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.” ~ John Steinbeck

Today I lost two friends to Death. One who went quieter than a gentleman should and one who sprinted to it like a long absent friend. Both of these losses rend my heart and make me question the logic of such a short, intense life. Is this selfishness? I want my friends to remain alive and healthy. I want my inspirations to be super-human and outlive me …

These men and women made my world a better place. Myself and scores more like me. They touched hearts and spread love and it seems frighteningly unfair that they should exit this existence.

So what is an artist to do?

Take the inspiration and keep walking my road. Build art that will last beyond my timeline. Uplift, assist and give of my best. Live beyond logic. Take the pain of my mutilated heart and turn it into energy … energy and magic that other wounded hearts need.

This heals me, as well. Not being paralyzed by the grief. Each step along the road brings new experiences, so live … live another day, even if only to see what’s next.

Lastly … touch. Help those that need healing. Break hearts that are too hard and show them how powerful compassion can be.

Grieve … get that done, it’s important. Then celebrate. Celebrate their lives and how they affected yours. Life is not in vain. Love is not a punchline.

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One response to “Grief in Brief

  1. ohh i m really sad. your friend………..
    you jst take patient and every things will b all right.

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