at Present

The past year has been draining. Emotionally, physically … I am seeking help in the form of professional counsel and friends.

The people I relied upon for inspiration have removed their support. I’m not asking for pity, I can see my own mistakes leading to their decision, and I do hope for forgiveness and love, in time. This depression has led to my business and art faltering. The responsibilities I have are suffering and I’m all but broke, financially.

I have been bearing my burdens and trying not to wear them on my sleeve. Tonight, I am peaceful, thanks in large part to a friend with a smile and food. Food for my mouth and for my spirit. I will overcome this, I will book the shows I need (in abundance) and I will make art direct from my green, magic heart. I will take care of those who need, and … I will do card tricks that may well change your world for the better.

I will. I have faith that, though my road is rocky, it is still MY ROAD.

Pray for me, readers. Pray for continued strength, patience and understanding.

I hope that there’s love where you are.


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