USO, day one.

I’m privileged to be here. Let me say that right up front. Someone recognized that my skill set and personality were right for this and I am glad for the chance to give to those that offered their lives.

The weather is bleak. Just getting here was a chore: dark driving on twisted back roads through heavy rain and thick fog. The day was grey, the town seemed tired and the general feel from the people I encountered was just a deep weariness. As the troops attending came in, I got a sense of grimness. I understand that. Therapy isn’t exactly a party, and three days of therapeutic workshops? Well, it wouldn’t be my first vacation choice.

But … the event is being held in a botanical garden. Big windows look out into a million different shades of living green.


Today I listened to stories both horrific and hopeful. The grey of the sky and the pelting rain made the vibrant greens outside shine and move like Ents dancing. I shared my craft and my heart. I listened and spoke and joked and quietly wept a bit. I saw haunted, tense expressions break and shine with smiles.

I made new friends. They changed my perspective and I … maybe changed their lives.

I do card tricks. Today I did them for heroes.
And from my hands and my heart, I helped them get a little closer to home. Away from the bleak things.

I hope.

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