On My Life

For the next couple of weeks this blog will be my only communication to ‘fans’ and casual friends. I’m focusing heavily on the reality in front of me and enjoying life and love and joy as best I can. I’m immediately available to family and close friends via phone or text … so I’m not completely disappearing. This blog may be updated every day with ‘end of day’ musings, or it may be really sparse. I don’t know. I’m absorbing where I am and I’m focusing intently on me. Selfish? Yeah, probably … but I need it and so be it. I love you.

I’m turning fifty next week and, other than occasionally saying to myself ‘I’m turning fifty next week’, it doesn’t affect me. I’ve lived and will continue to live an extraordinary life. On my fiftieth birthday, I’ll be away from the people I love most dearly, competing in a magic contest. I can hear the voice of my father right now: “What kind of man …?”

So, I’m going to focus on the now. Living and learning and spreading the joy I’m able to … just NOT on social media.

Friends? Reach out in love to those you care about. Mend fences, rebuild bridges, find love and understanding. That’s what I want for my half-century birthday present. Healing. Love.


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