This career I’ve taken on is frustrating, grueling and at times completely unrewarding. I often wonder why I’m doing it. The answer always comes immediately: My joy is here. There’s something very addictive about living your dream.

Tonight I had the honor to once again entertain and refresh some of the most amazing people I know. I’m talking about you, Laura. I know you are reading this. The opportunity to do what I do for such a brave soul as yourself and you your INCREDIBLE family is what feeds my addiction.


Take away the awards. Take away the fame. Say goodbye to the Magic Castle and all the goals I set for myself. I can take it. As long as I can serve you, I’m wealthy.

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One response to “Joy?

  1. Chris – this post brought tears to my eyes. You have shared in two VERY important times in my life and I cannot thank YOU enough for being part of them. Your magic, your wit, your smile, and your loving and generous heart has drawn me to you from the moment I met you.

    Thank you not only for the blog post filled with love and support, but just for being you. Sharing your talent, your time, and yourself with so many others is such a gift to us all. You bring laughter, amazement, JOY, to many lives but to mine, you bring gratitude.

    We love you Chris. May the blessings pour down on you and your family and the doors to all kinds of new and exciting venues open up so they too can further promote the JOY, that only Chris Hannibal, can bring !

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