We are such fragile creatures. Take time right now to let your family and friends know exactly how much you love them. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to say “I love” to everyone you care about.

Take a chance and tell a stranger. Do something really nice for someone you don’t like very much. Anonymously.

A friend pointed out that a lot of my music is somewhat dark … So this week I’m committing to only listening to upbeat, inspirational tunes. Suggestions?


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2 responses to “Fragile

  1. Tessa

    Glam rock always puts me in a better mood. Here’s an excerpt of a playlist I made today that is making me smile:

    David Bowie – Jean Genie
    T. Rex – Jeepster
    Roxy Music – Love is the Drug
    Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now *
    The Kinks – Better Things *

    * = not technically glam rock, but tangentially related.

    Also from the same time period: Bob Dylan’s “Desire” album. The whole album is gorgeous, but I think “Oh Sister” is probably one of the most important songs ever written, and it reminds me to have empathy and be a better person.

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