A Dream Ridden, Not Chased.

I bit into the fruit, forbidden though it was. It was sweet, though it became bitter – I still remember the sweetness the most.

“Drinking lemon tea and feeling free.”

I have visions of my obsessions and addictions finally being conquered and leaving my brain and heart alone. Peeling the monkey off my back once and for all. Leaving my vision clear and powerful, allowing me to really live my life without burning temptation.

The reality is … I deal with them everyday. Every. Day. I fight and struggle to stay ‘clean’. Some days I lose, and I am bottled in frustration.

Today (at this moment) I am free. The beast sleeps for now. I am drinking lemon tea and feeling free.

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One response to “A Dream Ridden, Not Chased.

  1. We all have our fights my friend. Some inner – some outter. Some harder than others. Some deadly. Some not so much. We adore you!! We will fight with you with prayers as so many did for me during my battle. Keep up the fight. The spot at the end of the rainbow is worth every second of every battle.

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