Are the pastures really greener elsewhere?

I feel a bit stagnant these days. I have new ideas I work on when I can, gigs come in pretty regularly, good reviews and good, constructive critique when I need it. So why do I feel so … stuck?

I don’t like that my level of optimism is directly tied into my bank account. I have a couple of clients that are late on payments, so my small business and personal accounts are dry. I feel the struggle, and I’m grateful for it (still), but there are moments when I’m frustrated by my situation.

On the other hand, I’m still surrounded by love.

Contemplating a move to a resort town, just to kick start and get closer to businesses and people that could use my services. Charlotte doesn’t seem to.

High on the list: Orlando, Reno, Charleston. Thoughts?


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2 responses to “Are the pastures really greener elsewhere?

  1. If you go to Orlando, you’ll be in direct competition with the Disney machine. Unless you join them. There are tons of professional meetings and conventions held there… probably in need of talent like yours.

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