Loss, Part One

See, she used to get these headaches. Really bad ones. Sometimes they would immobilize her for hours, and she was not a woman who liked to just sit, or lie around.

She loved tennis, both playing and watching. She loved to just walk and look at nature, or great architecture. She had a love of old, southern things. So the headaches used to depress her when they came.

They were caused by stress … or perhaps they were the leftover symptoms of a disease she had in her late teens. The disease caused her to lose some of her lady parts, so she never bore children of her own. She never was clear on why the headaches came, but come they did.

She took these pills. Darvon. They didn’t chase the headaches away, but they made them bearable (I guess). She could take long naps and avoid dealing with the pain. I think that later on the Darvon didn’t help so much and she got some things that were stronger.

The stress came from unhappy circumstances. Her second marriage was failing, the man she had loved was revealing himself to be nothing more than a petty, grasping, greedy charlatan. She mentioned to me on more than one occasion that she really wanted out, but didn’t want the stigma. Still, I think she was making plans.

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