Ramblings of an Aging Magician

A good friend told me that my video diaries need to be more dramatic if my intention is to bring more people to the site. I’m still not certain that that is my goal. I’ve been recording many, but not publishing them.

Does anyone really read these? Am I interesting enough that you want to read what I say?

There was a publication called “Boy’s Life” that I used to get when I was a boy scout. The only thing I really remember about it was the fiction section. I read and re-read those stories, and memorized them. The rest of the mag I don’t remember … I know there were ‘boy scout’ comics (PeeWee something?) and joke sections.

There was a story about two boys trapped in a bathyscaph deep under water. Communication was cut off and water was seeping in. They knew they were going to drown, and there was no hope. Dark. Another was the diary form of a thief who was going to have his hand amputated for stealing. It was his second conviction. I still dream about that one.

I saw a movie this weekend that cast Zach Galifianakis in a dramatic, serious role. He should explore that more.

How long does my show stick with you, and why? Which parts do you remember … what was important?

Respond if you read this far. Even if it’s just one word. This has been an exercise to get my hands writing again. They have been to idle.

Love you.



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4 responses to “Ramblings of an Aging Magician

  1. David

    I read it. I like your card tricks, especially the one where you demonstrate how unobservant people can be, when they look for a card which their brains won’t let them see.

    You have excellent patter, and engage your audience wonderfully, especially when you do your “favorite trick”

  2. Jennifer Ashley

    You asked how long do we remember. I met you last fall and can’t forget how amazed I was by your gift. You were kind enough to be there for my daughters birthday. One of my favorite parts of the show is when you move cards from one boosom to another. Sarah still has the bill you folder for her. I don’t think she will ever open it. You are very kind person, friendly and I am greatful that I met you.

  3. When I saw you at the first Big Mamma D’s show I went to, about 4 years ago, I instantly recognized you from Castaldi’s, which was about 6 years before that! You will likely not remember this, but you made a comment about Italian food being served on China by an Irish girl to me- what international flair! Your tricks are amazing, your banter is engaging, and I truly envy your apparrent ease when dealing with hecklers and your true talent at cutting them down to size in an entertainingly witty way.

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