Heading for the Hills

The Hollywood hills … swimming pools, movie stars …

I’ve been given the opportunity to perform for the World Famous Magic Castle next week. I’ll be standing on the stage that giants of my craft have stood before – exhilarating and humbling at the same time. (Yes, this will be a romantic view of the experience. I’m a dreamer and a romantic. That’s why it’s snowing on my blog. Get over it.)

I’m going to attempt to record the week both here and via  Vlog on my youtube channel. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

I want to thank the guys who believed in my show enough to promote it to the Powers That Be:

Scott Robinson, Chris Hage and Craig Stone and the other esteemed members of Sleight Club. In addition to this accolade, You Gentlemen are responsible for improving my act and helping to hone it. I would not be the magician I am without your guidance and instruction. Thank you. A special thanks to Scott R. who let me use his living room for an audition taping!

Jon Armstrong who recommended me to the Castle without ever seeing my act, based on the testimony of the above. Thanks for taking a chance – I won’t let you down.

Geoff Williams who encouraged me and went to the line for me. We must collaborate sometime soon.

Dawn: Holy Crow – I just could not do any of this if you hadn’t been behind me from the start.

So hear this California: I’m on my way. You are the target, and I always hit my mark.

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