Roused from my Warm Bed

… by a Big Friendly Giant.

I took the children to BFG, playing at the Children’s Theater at Imaginon on Wednesday morning. We enjoy live theater and we belong to a home schooling group that embraces the arts – as a bonus, my friend and occasional collaborator Nathan Rouse was playing several key roles.

This play is one of the highlights of the CT season. Great story (originally by Roald Dahl of ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘James & the Giant Peach’ fame), creative use of sets and props and directed in a way to spark the imagination. Most every variety of puppet style is represented, from shadow to hand to inverted marionette – and a cast talented enough to not only act but manipulate their counterparts.

Mr. Rouse was in fine form (call me biased). Playing a bloodthirsty mega giant, a Headmaster that would put Denny Terrio (look it up) to shame and the subtly sarcastic Mr. Tibbs – valet to none other than the Queen of England.

Five stars – catch it if you can!

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