Somewhere in history you were wronged
Teach your children to bang the drum
Tell all your family, tell all your friends
Teach your brothers to avenge

It carries on

Or you could Love.

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One response to “Vengence

  1. jasongoodnight

    Christ says that If your coming ot the alter to bring a gift and remember that someone has something against you go and make thingsa right and then bring your gift.
    The longer you wait to reconcile with your brother the harder it becomes. A few of my family members have spent the last 25 years being held in the bondage of unforgivness becasue they let there anger grow, and each day that they choose not to reconcile it grows.

    Just like the little kid in my wife’s class says when he farts…”It only natural” So is anger and vengence, But that doenst mean that its good.

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