In the Dark

When the darkness takes me over
Face down, emptier than zero
Invisible you come to me
Stay beside me
Whisper to me “Here I am”
And the loneliness fades.

Some people think I’m something.

Well you gave me that, I know
But I always feel like nothing
When I’m in the dark alone

You provide the soul, the spark that drives me on
Makes me something more than flesh and bone

At times like these
Can any fool see
Your love inside me?

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One response to “In the Dark

  1. jasongoodnight

    To befilled with invisible peace
    Abundant overflowing peace
    Unnoticed by some

    Quiet and Calm
    Full of rest and free of anxiety

    I wait on you…
    and then you come like a slow leak in a small boat
    Then, I’m drowning in You
    In harmony with the creator

    In unity with the world and all creation
    In my proper place
    Where I would have been before “the fall”

    Walking in the garden, talking about the breeze
    Enjoying the presence of my Father

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