Fantastic Voyage


A few weeks ago I was honored to be a guest at a friend’s wedding. They were married on the beach in Charleston, SC and God blessed them with cool breezes and no rain. It really was incredible. Musicians played, an artist painted, the grand creator fashioned colors and textures as only He can.

And then.

As the Bride and Groom proclaimed their dedication to each other, a ship came into view around the cove. Not a luxury boat, not an Ocean Cloud, not a glamorous cruise liner. A cargo ship. An un-pretty, clunky, square workhorse of a boat, hauling it’s goods, piled high and heading out to sea.

Maybe there will be storms. Rough seas. Maybe the crew will get bored, sick or tired. Maybe there will be fights, misunderstandings. Perhaps communication failures, maybe they’ll get lost for awhile.

But through all that, I bet they don’t give up. I bet they make their journey together and arrive at the other end … blessed by God and richer for making the trip, taking the chance.

“Take me to the fantastic place
Keep the rest of my life away
Take me to the fantastic place
Keep the rest of my life away

Take me to the island
I’ll watch the rain over your shoulder
The streetlights in the water
The moment outside of real life

I never could dream while I was sleeping
Put your arms around my soul
And take it dancing..”

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