Ten Years

On a cool little blog called “Letters From Kamp Krusty” there is a neat little dedication to the memory of Rich Mullins, who died tragically 10 years ago this week. It stirred some emotion in me regarding following my own path in Jesus. Here’s a quote:

“I tired of the word, “Christian”.  It was originally something of a put-down, something applied to followers of The Way by outsiders, now adapted, awkwardly, proudly, by the followers themselves.

I confess to wondering sometimes, “Why am I doing this…?” and then I hear the first few notes of “Peace”, and I remember.  Oh — yeah.  Of course.


Rich Mullins reminded us that we worship a God who came in the form of a homeless man.  I can love a God like that.”

Yeah Man, so can I.  The link to the whole thing is below. Read the comments also.


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  1. nathanrouse

    I was a senior in high school when Rich died and was very saddened by the news. Especially when CCM had him on the cover with the quote “when i leave i want to go out like elijah”…

    what a guy, that rich.

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