Chris Benoit 1967 – 2007

A long time hero of mine passed this afternoon.
Chris Benoit
A few years ago, Chris came to Harper’s with some buddies and his family. I knew him from the WWE, and I got the chance to entertain him, for a change. Very nice, very gracious group.
Almost a year later I’m working a trade show in New Orleans. Chris and some other wrestlers are signing autographs a few booths down from where I was. Chris recognized me, remembered my name and brought a crowd over for the show. We hung out afterward for a bit, and had dinner at the hotel bar.

In the ring, he wasn’t much of a talker, but he was a great athlete and showman. He had a charisma and a daring style that put him over to the crowd. He was one of the very few that Dawn enjoyed seeing in the ring.

Chris was found with his wife Nancy and their 7 year old son, dead in their house this afternoon. The police have called it a double murder/ suicide. Apparently Chris killed his wife and son over the weekend, then took his own life on Monday. This was a real tragedy.

I don’t know what tortures a person to such violence.

Rabid Wolverine, Kid Pegasus, Toothless Aggression … Chris Benoit.

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