Give Peace a Chance?

My friends, we are faced today with what can only be described as an act of war.

As you music fans may know, this week Amnesty International released an album of John Lennon cover songs to benefit Darfur. Naturally Irish rockers U2 stepped up to the bat and recorded an excellent version of “Instant Karma”.

Then the unthinkable happened.

In a despicable move of snot-nosed elitism, the English poser band Duran Duran ALSO recorded a version of “Instant Karma”. Lead singer Simon LeBon (whose name reminds one of creme filled chocolates … “another LeBon, my dear?”) reportedly said, “Iss owah privwedge, innet? Lennon wos Engwish, too!”

England Versus Ireland. Again.

Well, we know who’s side God is on, don’t we? Seriously … whose career lasted BEYOND the 1980s … hmmmmm??

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