I’m presented today with a challenge of faith.
Got up and took Carlaysle to class Friday morning. In the relative quiet of the return journey I contemplate an offer I received via email. I have an opportunity to move to Florida and send my career on a rocket ride. Huge increase in income, possible TV and movie work.
Why on earth am I even thinking twice about this? Dawn is behind me no matter what I choose to do.
Because there’s work God is calling me to do here. (Naturally, here come the obstacles.)
The initial meeting I hoped to call about the show had to be canceled because most everyone had conflicts. (That’s just bad timing, but I’m feeling the pressure.) So Nathan and I agreed to get together for lunch today (Sunday) after church. I got sick and couldn’t get out of bed until late afternoon.
Finished my 2006 taxes. Ick.
Carlaysle got into an accident Saturday afternoon. Three cars involved. No one was hurt (Praise God).
However, the car is badly damaged, and the police decided she was at fault … so who knows what that will mean.

Friday night I did a show (set up by Mix-master Hunt) for a youth group in Huntersville. I wasn’t on 100%, but it was a great audience and they completely lifted me up.
My family is all together and unhurt. I have people who love me.

Jesus Walks.


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2 responses to “Challenges

  1. jeremy hunt

    Yes, you definitely have people who love you. Like me! 😉

    You know you and your lovely family are always in our thoughts and prayers. And you were stinkin’ awesome on Friday night. Hopefully it’ll be the first of many shows I track down.

    Let us know how we can help out with the car situation. Much love magic man.

  2. Nathan

    yo. let’s meet. and eat. maybe late next week? i’m in charlotte wednesday and thursday day.

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