I need a co-writer for this play. I sat up late for several days, in the quiet of the evening and just wrote. I looked at it this morning and deleted the whole deal. To be delicate … it was utter crap. There’s a difference in pattering (as most Magi do) and in performing – so also there is a difference in Typing and Writing. I was typing. I can feel the emotion of what of what I want to say, but I cannot get that feeling down. This is more than just “the magic show”. I want to get it right.

I am starting again today from scratch.


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2 responses to “Rainmaking

  1. jeremy hunt


    wait…did i hear someone call my name?


  2. ytythdrh tydujdeyj sxghm k xghsd j dtyj l zdgnnuyj f dhdjtyky ddtjytt

    Ah crap. I was just typing there…

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